Costume for film and theatre

Previous productions include work with Hedgepig Theatre on The Maids (2015), Playboy of the Wide World (2013), Miss Julie (2012), Playhouse Creatures (2011) and Double Barrel 1,2, 3 and 4 (2011 – 2016). With Anonymous Bosh Theatre Company for Let’s Get Ready To Grumble (2016),  York Shakespeare Project on an all female production of Henry V set in a WW1 munitions factory (2015), and with Red Shirt Films on The Away Mission (2014) and in providing a little body armour for a monster slayer.

Costumes are created bespoke for each production and actor.

Photography of Let’s Get Ready To Grumble, Anonymous Bosh Theatre Company, by James Drury Photography.

Photography of Henry V by Michael J. Oakes.

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